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Mazzi always wanted to do music since he was a child.  In 2007,  in his recent home in Gary, Indiana he started his first debut, a freestyle which was the start of everything. In 2010, He worked on one of his earlier mixtapes called World Tour, featuring the hits "Swaggin' and Cookin' , Stuntin' on Em (Ft. JQ & Toon) and another hit "They Want(On Fire)".  In the winter of  2013, he made the hit single "Flexin (Prod. by Speaker Knockerz)'" which he has performed with "Swaggin' and Cookin'" numerous of times and even gotten "Flexin'" radio play by GangstaVille Radio station in Miami (92.7fm), Power92, and other radios and internet blogs.

Later, in 2014 collaborated with Due4$elf Records Artist Merch, both attending Indiana State University at the time, creating “Ballin.”

From then, Mazzi hooked up with one of his producers where he was given a beat produced by OTM Marvo, creating Stuntin’ Now. Which was when in 2015, he release his album XxBlackkeddxX.

But not stopping there, in 2016, both FlyGang Mazzi and OTM Marvo collaborated on a duo Mixtape “MarZo”, including hits “Line Bussin’”, “Dip My Wrist”, “Ewwh” and “So Much.”

2017, FlyGang Mazzi met FBG Duck in Chicago, Where they Discussed Future Works While Being Interviewed By his Brother, Kyle Cochran Of Status Update Exclusive, Co-Own Company.

in 2018, Mazzi started to promote his brand more bringing in the significance of a plane, with the thought of anywhere to go, where will he want to go - anywhere he feels like he can - be himself and not judge which was what he called "Mazzi World" his 2018, 1st official album that dropped on Spotify, Apple Music , and Pandora bringing upon his first of many successions.

Currently he is working on his newest project called “Kontrol.” Which focuses on him and his successes, but how he can use what he’s got, his gift and talent to stand apart from the competition.  

Are You Ready To Board and Take Off!







FlyGang Mazzi

Kontrol is FlyGang Mazzi's fourth tape to drop. It shows his talents and his progression to use his voice o harmonize and manipulate melodies to his advantage. Control is specifically for his fans and new fans representing - DO YOU AND DON'T LET NO ONE TRY TO TAKE KONTROL "CONTROL" OF YOUR WHAT YOU DO!

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Mazzi World

FlyGang Mazzi

3 Years after “xxBLACKKEDDxx and 2 Years After Dropping Second Mixtape “MarZo.” FlyGang Mazzi Will Be Dropping His 3rd Tape “Mazzi World.” With A Creative Style, Harmonic Tone, and Catchy Choruses, Mazzi Crafted Each Song Well Enough To Have Audience Not Only Amazed But Mesmerized. Special Thanks To Skeezeworld King Yella , Be Gino Russ(BestBuySauceGuy), King X , and Many More....

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New 2019 Release by FlyGang Mazzi. This Release Shows Mazzi's Aggression and talent Going Into Full Effect. He Uses His Voice And His Creativity To Draw His Fans Into His Catchy Style. In Kontrol, You'll Here Him More Rapping Than "Ringing" (Rap+Sing). Actual Don't Let Me Spoil It.



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